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Counseling / Support Groups

counseling.jpgThe choice to seek professional help is a courageous decision. A decision that can help make things different. Many people come to the Center because of its reputation for quality care and trustworthiness. Some come because of our connection with the faith community and want to draw upon faith in the healing process. For others that is not important.

Individuals, couples and families who use our services come with a variety of issues including loss and grief; depression; anxiety; marital conflict and dysfunction; marital and family communication difficulties; unresolved hurt, anger or bitterness; spiritual struggles; personal trauma; sexual concerns; relationship issues; unresolved guilt; professional stress or burnout; changes in the workplace; parenting and concerns about children’s well-being. When our staff of caring professionals are unable to meet the needs of those who come to us for help, we try to help them discover other resources where their needs may be met.

While counseling services are based in an integrated understanding and methodology from behavioral science and spirituality, our counselors are sensitive to the varying needs of those who come and are committed to respecting the variety or absence of faith traditions and practices.

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