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National Speaker Series

Thanks to the generosity of Methodist Healthcare Ministries, The Ecumenical Center is able to bring in some of the top speakers in the mental health field. For a look at all our upcoming events and workshops, click here. Here’s what’s coming up next:

Upcoming Events

Help Them Quit: Motivational Interviewing & Addiction

Help Them Quit: Motivational Interviewing & Addiction provides an introduction to the Motivational Interviewing, an evidence-based approach to conversations about change inherent in addiction work.

Trauma: What Our Brain, Nervous System, and Survivors Tell Us Matters Most

This workshop is part one of a two part workshop that will provide participants with a framework for systematically and safely approaching the helping of trauma survivors by moving from the least intrusive to the more internally focused, trauma – sensitive, evidence based interventions.

Trauma Regulated Reintegration and Resilience Practices

This workshop is part two of a two part workshop that will provide participants first-hand experiences with trauma informed practice strategies in order to appreciate their value for clients and whether these are practices they wish to integrate into their intervention processes and/or pursue with additional training.

Day of Mindfulness: Transforming Difficult Thinking

This daylong will explore how we can use mindfulness to transform difficult thinking.

The Art of Perception: Rethinking How We See

The Art of Perception, an innovative professional development program, teaches participants to view and analyze works of art as a vehicle to enhance their observation, perception, and communication skills.

Including communities in promoting mental health in ways that honor principles of self-determination, benefit, justice and equity

Participants in the workshop will become familiar with the specific role promotores have not only in helping other individuals but also in improving community conditions, fighting for social justice and equity to create environments for children and adults can grow up with safety, emotional wellness and opportunities to thrive.

The Promotor Model: the ethical imperative to include patients in improving individual and community health

Dr. Bracho will share how promotoras are trained to deliver quality services to assure benefits to the community and to be aware of their boundaries not only with other health care providers but also in the interactions with the individuals they are helping.

If It Were Easy, Everyone Would Do It: A Review of Ethics, Rules and Best Practices for the Mental Health and Play Therapy Professionals

This program will provide an overview and discussion of state and federal laws, rules and regulations that govern the practice of a mental health professional.

National Speaker Series – Intro to Grief Treatment

by Katherine Shear at The Ecumenical Center

National Speaker Series – Express Yourself!

by Vicki Williams Patterson at The Ecumenical Center

National Speaker Series – Treating Complex Trauma

by Christine A. Courtois at The Ecumenical Center

Ethics and Legal

with Kendra Drumryl at The Ecumenical Center