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The Ecumenical Center was founded on an ethical mandate for the organization to come together to strengthen our community.  With this historic vision of our founders, the Center pioneered many of the community-based ethics programs now in use around the country.  We are proud of our history in this area and continue to implement new and relevant ethics programs.

Conversations About Ethics


Our Conversations About Ethics Series is presented in collaboration with the Center for Medical Humanities and Ethics. It is an annual series of lectures and workshops, generously underwitten by Methodist Healthcare Ministries, designed to foster useful community dialog around the ethics of issues impacting the treatment of individuals in the delivery of healthcare throughout the various phases of life.

We've had topics as diverse as the worth of a child, the mind-body connection, stem cell ethics and faith-based perspectives on suffering and healing. We hope you will join us as together we seek to better understand the issues. All of our workshops and lectures are free and open to the public.

You can find out more about our Conversations About Ethics series here.

ethicsstudents.jpgBusiness Ethics

We have a responsibility to the next generation of business leaders.  And what a legacy they will remember in the wake of Enron, WorldCom and others.

The Ecumenical Center is working to change all that.  The Ethics in Business program is a collaborative outreach with The University of Texas at San Antonio culminating in the awarding of up to ten Ethics in Business Awards to San Antonio organizations and individuals.

EIB-logo.pngAs the cornerstone of their business ethics curriculum, UTSA students are offered unprecedented access to San Antonio business leaders.  They participate in on-site visits and numerous interviews.  They not only got to see that success and ethics go hand in hand, but just how it’s done. Their final reports are submitted to the Ethics in Business committee who, in turn, select the recipients. All are celebrated in an annual dinner in April.

To nominate an individual or organization, start here.

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