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Foundation Board

The Ecumenical Foundation Board is a group of local leaders who support The Center’s programs and services. Foundation board members have four primary goals – open doors in the community, help raise money, serve as ambassadors in the community, and educate others regarding the services and programs available at The Center. The board also coordinates luncheons and special events, such as Legacy of Hope, Ethics in Business, and Art Heals Hearts.


Mr. and Mrs. Carl Fellbaum


Dr’s. Barry  and Jerry Abrams

*Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Anderson

Dr. James Anderson

Mrs. Mary Ellen Archer

Mr. and Mrs. J. Scott Beckendorf

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Berchelman

Maj. Gen. and Mrs. Kevin Bergner

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Biedenharn

Mrs. Veronica Boldt

Ms. Lynne Breuer

Mrs. Mary Brook

Mr. and Mrs. Tony Canales

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Carter

Mr. and Mrs. Damon Christofilis

Mrs. Susan Edwards

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Evans

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Fellbaum

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Flores, Jr.

Major Gen. and Mrs. Al Flowers

Dr. Kelley and Mr. Pat Frost

The Rev. Dr.  Patrick Gahan

Ms. Gini Garcia

Dr. Matthew Gilley

Mrs. Kim Gresham

Dr. and Mrs. Fernando Guerra

Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Gunter

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gurinsky

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Hamilton

Ms. Letha Harrelson

Mr. Walter Hayne

Mr. and Mrs. Peter J.  Hennessey, III

Mrs. Trisha Hennessey

Mrs. Elizabeth Hetrick

Chaplain and Mrs. Gary Higgs

Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Holliman

Dr. Debora Kaliski

Mr. and Mrs. Tres Kleberg

Mrs. Emilie Pitman-Kreager

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Labatt

Mr. and Mrs. Blair Labatt

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Leddy

Dr. and Mrs. Fletcher Lee

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Maddox

Mr. and Mrs. Laird McNeil

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas McNish

Mr. and Mrs. Armando Medina

Dr. Jo Ann and Mr. Cebe Musgrave

Dr. and Mrs. Mahendra Patel

Mr. Nikhil Patel

Ms. Marti Raba

The Honorable Susan Reed

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Rushing

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Schmeltekopf

Dr. and Mrs. Randall Singleton

Rabbi and Mrs. Sam Stahl

Dr. Mary Stefl

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Todd

Mrs. Nancy  Torgerson

Mr. and Mrs. Lane Traylor

Dr. and Mrs. Arnold Vardiman

Mr. and Mrs. James Watts

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Weber, Jr.

Mrs. Phyllis Wenglein

Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Whiteside

Ms. Jennifer Wilkes

Mr. Michael Wilkes

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Wolf

Mrs. Mertie Wood

Mr. Mark Wright

Mrs. Louis Zbinden

Mr. and Mrs. Thad C. Ziegler

Mr. and Mrs. Thad W. Ziegler

*Past Chairmen

Ms. Mary Beth Fisk

CEO/Executive Director