Board Spotlights: John W. Weber, Jr.

John Weber Jr.

John W. Weber, Jr. graduated from Baylor University and Baylor Law School and was licensed in Civil Litigation in 1974. From there, he partnered with a number of law practices.

Stemming from his passion for helping others, Weber joined on with The Center as an operating board member in 2015, and continues to praise The Center for all the work it does in the South/Central Texas region.

“No other organization in San Antonio offers the breadth of programs and services to families and individuals that The Center does,” says Weber. “Play therapy, neurofeedback, life after loss support groups, the list goes on and on. The Center’s facilities are open to the community and in use almost without pause.”

But John’s true passion at The Center is the Ethics in Business San Antonio program. He finds ethical principles and the applications of those principles in life are vitally important to a community. That’s why John began leading the Ethics in Business San Antonio program in 2015.

“Ethical behavior should be instilled in us through our homes, churches, schools, and professions. Unfortunately, not everyone is exposed to these principles along their life path,” he explains. “The Ethics in Business San Antonio program makes additional training and emphasis on ethical principles available to community businesses and universities.”

Weber believes that when these core principles are recognized within one’s self, it creates a better world and a more properly functioning society.