Clinical Pastoral Education and Chaplaincy Training

The Center has always placed a high priority on Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) programs that train clergy in effective pastoral care methods. Our students include volunteer ministers, seminarians, lay leaders, first responder chaplains, and healthcare professionals who serve on the front lines of helping people in crisis with emotional and spiritual support and comfort.

The Center offers a Specialty in Pastoral Counseling program in Laredo, the Rio Grande Valley and San Antonio, in both English and Spanish, which integrates the knowledge of theology, psychology, ethics, and social sciences for religious leaders. This month in McAllen, we are graduating 40 students from this four-semester course. They will serve as chaplains in their regions in hospitals, hospice centers and other businesses.

We’re always seeking ways to expand our community-based workshops and clergy education initiatives. Thank you to all our supporters who make this important work possible!