Coping with Winter Blues

Winter can be a difficult time for some. It’s a time when we most miss our loved ones—either living far away or deceased. On top of this, demands of holiday preparation and dealing with financial stress can add to our woes. And having fewer daylight hours doesn’t help anyone. But even in this time when we are prone to anxiety, loneliness, and depression, we can take steps to avoid triggers and stay positive.

Getting more sunlight exposure through regular outdoor exercise or a change of scenery is recommended to improve your mood. Scheduling your sleep and taking naps has been known to reduce anxiety and fatigue. Also, make sure to take care of yourself and eat healthy or consider a diet. Eliminating some of your commitments or sharing responsibilities with others will ease your stress as well. Volunteering has been proven to alleviate depression. If you still feel down, seek the help of a support group or a professional counselor, like the licensed counselors at The Center, or your Primary Care Physician.