Diana Grippi, M.A.

Educational Diagnostician
Counseling Specialties:

Diana Grippi has a master degree as an Educational Diagnostician, from the University of Incarnate Word.   In public, private and homeschool environments, Diana has many years experience assessing children and adults for gifted and talented, dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, learning disabilities, and intellectual disability.  She is knowledgeable with all current assessments for diagnosing these various disabilities.  Individual accommodations are designed specifically to meet the needs of each client. She carefully selects appropriate testing instruments based on the need of the client. Diana is knowledgeable in Federal special education laws and Texas Commissioners Rules, thus, her diagnostic reports meet criteria for special education or 504 determination. Diana’s experience allows her to recommend effective yet practical academic and cognitive strategies as useful research-based intervention tools for the client, parents, and teachers. She served on the Boards of Alamo Area Educational Diagnostician’s Association and Vocational Education for the Handicapped as well as many compliance and advisory councils.