Resilience Tool Kit
COVID Fatigue and Trauma:
A Journey To Wellness

Group Wellness

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Scavenger Hunt

The Task is to Team Build through a series of clues or tasks that lead team members on a hunt through the building to discover new projects, programs or educational activities and meet the personnel who will lead them.

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Gratitude Wall

The Task is to Team Build using ½ inch square wooden dowels cut to 18 inch lengths. Each team member gets two dowels and writes things for which they are grateful on each side of the dowel using about 9 inches of the dowel for writing. The ends of the dowel without writing are painted a variety of colors. The Gratitude Wall of Gratitude Sculpture consists of gluing the dowels together and placing it against a wall, or gluing the dowels together and having it be a three-dimensional Sculpture of Gratitude.

Paint Pour wellness event

Paint Pour

This Team Building Task requires the use of multi-colors of tempera paints, 8 X 10 stretched canvases (2 per person) and Elmer’s Glue. You need a tin foil pan available for each participant, several cups for mixing paint, and some water. You can also have some glitter for those who want to use it. You begin by choosing three colors you would like to use for your paint pour. You mix each color in turn with some glue and water, as needed, to get a consistency that will pour onto the canvas. You start by pouring some of color 1 on the canvas. Follow the same mixing procedure with colors 2 and 3, adding them to the canvas. Then you begin to allow the colors to mix and swirl to the edges of the canvas, holding them over your tin foil pan. Add more colors and glitter, as needed. Let them dry overnight.

Senior Wellness

Tips and ideas for seniors to lead their best life.

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Health Care Professional Wellness

De-briefings, wellness conversations, journaling and concerts on the hospital floors help health care professionals de-stress from their hectic days.

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Open Art studio group

Open Art Studio

Open Art Studio is a wonderful opportunity for people of ALL AGES (6 to 106 years) to use art materials in a playful manner in a relaxed setting. This creative experience is FREE! All materials are provided.

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Poetry Prose support group

Poetry/Prose Writing Group

Join us at THE CENTER for a no-cost, monthly Poetry Writing Circle. No experience with writing poetry is necessary! Or Get in the GROOVE! Join us at the Rainbow Senior Center for a no-cost, weekly rhythm making and writing session with or without previous musical experience or writing experience are encouraged to attend.

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Music/Therapeutic Rhythms

Join us at The Center for a no-cost, monthly therapeutic rhythm-making session. Expressive therapeutic rhythm-making sessions are open to anyone, so bring along the whole family. No experience is necessary!

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