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COVID Fatigue and Trauma:
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Trauma Informed Care

The Ecumenical Center is the certifying entity for the South Texas Trauma Informed Care Crisis Consortium and developed the certifying standards to ensure the highest level of adherence to trauma informed approaches in all interactions with the community. Three pilot organizations, including Methodist Healthcare Ministries, stepped up to help pilot the Level 1 Trauma Informed Certification process. Once the pilot is complete, the Ecumenical Center will begin certifying the 35 organizations on the waiting list to complete Trauma-Informed Care Certification. Methodist Healthcare Ministries was the first of the organizations in the pilot to complete the process and attain the Level 1 certification.

Trauma Informed Care practices can improve client, patient, and employee relationships, and help organizations avoid retraumatizing of those who have experienced trauma in the past. Any organization or business, not just those in the health care industry, can become TIC-certified.

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