Creating a Community that Champions Behavioral Health

Behavioral health is becoming The Center’s new focus as we continue to certify organizations as trauma-informed and launch The Center for Young Minds in 2021. Both of these projects are filling a great need in our community. This year, we plan to help over 30 organizations develop a culture of interacting with clients that fosters trust and is respectful of trauma in a person’s past. We are also spearheading The Center for Young Minds – a huge community collaboration devoted to reaching every child with behavioral health concerns as early as possible.

Positive behavioral health starts with good mental health. Both have tremendous implications on our well-being and success. Organizations that understand how trauma affects behavior are at an advantage when interacting with clients. A community positions itself for a brighter future when it recognizes the importance of treating behavioral health problems in adolescence before symptoms worsen and consequences multiply with age. Individuals can practice positive behavioral health techniques and support initiatives with these goals. Put together, we can turn the curve of statistics like one in five children under the age of 18 will experience a mental health need. This is the goal of The Center for Young Minds together with our 600 participating organizations.