The Center for Education & Training

Clergy / Laity Training Programs

At The Ecumenical Center, we provide an array of training, educational and special interest programs designed to be of help to all those serving their faith communities, either as clergy or as lay leaders. Topics and speakers are selected through conversations with local leaders to make sure that we focus on areas of interest and relevance to the needs of our local community.

Current programs and educational opportunities include:

Clergy Education Series. These special programs feature experts on both faith-based and worldly topics that may have in impact on congregations and their leadership. See upcoming workshops here.

Wellness Conversations. Given the demanding nature of professional ministry, these individualized programs offer clergy a path to improved physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and relational wellness. They are not intended to be therapy sessions, but a safe place for dialogue and exploration of the interests and concerns of the clergyperson.

Specialty in Pastoral Counseling. This academic, theoretical and clinical program – comprising a bilingual, four-semester curriculum – is designed to help religious leaders in the process of equipping themselves for service to hospice, hospitals, correctional institutions and God’s world at large.

Compassionate Care Providers. This training focuses on special attitudinal, emotional and counseling expectations and challenges faced by healthcare and family support workers providing hospice service to end-of-life patients.

Chaplaincy Training. This curriculum is designed to be all-inclusive or supplemental to training provided by one’s own faith tradition or denomination. It prepares the individual for positive and focused faith/interfaith service even in difficult venues or life circumstances.

For more information on these opportunities, please call The Ecumenical Center at 210.616.0885.