Professional Education Workshops

Child and Play Therapy Series

Through a grant from Methodist Healthcare Ministries, The Ecumenical Center is able to bring in some of the top educators in the field of child and play therapy for one and two day workshops.

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Upcoming Events

Child-Parent-Relationship Training : Discovery Group “A Monthly Support Group for CPRT Graduates”

You have worked hard during your 10-week CPRT training and are beginning to reap the rewards of “Special Play Time.” Maybe you’ve been able to maintain a weekly schedule, or perhaps circumstances have disrupted your schedule. Even though you have consulted your manual, maybe situations have come up that have you stuck, & you’re not sure how to get back on track. Some of you may just miss the support and encouragement that was part of your training experience. You’re ready for CPRT Discovery group! The “Curve of Learning” described below probably seems familiar to you, but what you don’t know is that this series of Stages will continue to occur throughout your life as a parent. Something will change: your child goes to a new school, another child becomes a part of your family, or a tragedy may strike your family. When these changes come, the curve of Learning starts over! First you must regain your excitement that springs from your confidence in yourself and your commitment to your relationship with your child. There will awkward moments and times when you can’t think of what to do. Then, eventually, you will gain a new closeness and a deeper understanding of both yourself and your child. ‘The Curve of Learning” is really a spiral, expanding as you and your child discover, grow, and change together. Curve of Learning (from the Arthur Murray Dance Advice for Humans) 1. The Initial Stage: You are nervous … Continued

Too Cool To Play? Creative Play Therapy Interventions for Adolescents

Despite the negative view that most of society has toward the teenage population, these children often have tremendous obstacles to overcome in their life and are in desperate need of … Continued

Understanding the Deeper Meaning of Children’s Play: Jungian Analytical Play Therapy

This workshop is intended to provide advanced play therapists a cursory understanding of Jungian Analytical Play Therapy with the intention to provide them with a relevant model and structure by … Continued

Guiding Gifted Children Toward Achievement, Fulfillment and Contribution

Gifted children often have intense emotions to match their strong abilities. This presentation will give counselors tools for guiding parents and teachers so that they in turn can help gifted children achieve to their potential and contribute to their community.

Interventions in Play and Family Therapy to Enhance Resilience

In this two-day presentation, participants will learn how Child-Centered Play Therapy (CCPT) honors and highlights the innate resources of the child to heal and thus fosters resilience in children. An … Continued

Play Therapy with Military Families: Understanding Culture, Lifestyle and Resiliency

This presentation will provide an overview of the multi-cultural aspects of counseling with the military population and discuss common issues in this group.

Body Oriented Play Therapy

Body-centered techniques are effective for traumatized children and those with impulsivity and attention issues.