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The Ecumenical Center was founded on an ethical mandate for the organization to come together to strengthen our community.  With this historic vision of our founders, The Center pioneered many of the community-based ethics programs now in use around the country.  We are proud of our history in this area and continue to implement new and relevant ethics programs.

For ethics to have positive impact, they can’t be theoretical. They have to be translated into the decision-making and behavior of everyday life. So at The Center, we’ve spent a great deal of time focusing seriously on the realm of ethics. And we have taken action.

Ethics in Business San Antonio

We have a responsibility to the next generation of business leaders. And what a legacy they will remember in the wake of Enron, WorldCom and others.

The Ecumenical Center is working to change all that. The Ethics in Business San Antonio program is a collaborative outreach with area universities. Our mission is to encourage and support the growth of an extraordinary ethical business community where the values of its leadership are manifested in their daily work.

The program is comprised of 3 parts:

  • Shadowing a CEO – Q&A
  • Leadership Lab – 80 students, discuss ethical dilemmas
  • On-campus events – Business leaders speak about their ethics-based decision making

As the cornerstone of their business ethics curriculum, university students are offered unprecedented access to San Antonio business leaders. They participate in on-site visits and numerous interviews. They not only get to see that success and ethics go hand in hand, but just how it’s done. All are celebrated in an annual dinner in the Spring.


To learn more about EIBSA programs, or how you can participate or contribute, click here or call 210.616.0885.

Medical Ethics

The Center has a long and deep involvement in medical ethics through its programs in the community, hospitals and medical institutions. Annually, more than 300 medical professionals attend workshops around these topics of great interest to the medical field and our community.

You can count on The Center serving as a resource for discussion around today’s most pressing ethical issues. Find out more about it at  While you’re there, be sure to check out our speaker resource files for in-depth coverage.

To learn more about Medical Ethics programs, or how you can participate or contribute, click here or call 210.616.0885.