Employee Spotlight – James Anderson

The staff at The Center has always been the reason so many people are attracted to our mission of health, hope and healing for our South Texas region. They are all learned, caring and experienced professionals. And that is certainly the case for James Anderson, who has been a devoted counselor, lecturer and board member for two years.

James holds a doctorate in Biblical Studies/Hebrew Bible from the University of Sheffield in England and has a Masters in Mental Health Counseling from Texas A&M San Antonio. His studies and research have brought him all over the world, including to Ireland, Germany, Israel, the Middle East and India. Much of his counseling and research revolves around implementing spirituality into the therapeutic process. He has authored several books on theology, wellness and apologetics.

At The Center, James has applied his learning and research to bring healing to others. His counseling has greatly benefitted those struggling with grief, trauma, anxiety and depression. He was a part of the Sutherland Springs crisis response team and sits on the Clergy Advisory Board and Foundation Board. For James, his co-workers are what make The Center so special.

“Each staff member truly makes a tangible difference in the lives of the people that come to The Center, be it for counseling, training or one of our events.”

What makes The Center so unique to James is the variety of ways we help the community and that we never turn a person away. Even in his world travels, these were rare qualities in counseling organizations he saw.

“We are only able to do that because of the generous support The Center receives in donations from its patrons.”

The Center is fortunate to have a counselor of James’ background and caliber on our team. He is one of the many reasons we are able to help so many people with effective approaches to therapy, education and health. We want to thank James for his important work and encourage you to meet him at our next event.