Employee Spotlight: Lejla Cenanovic


For the last 9 years, The Center has been blessed to have Lejla Cenanovic as our Special Projects Coordinator. Every project and event The Center is involved in has Lejla’s touch. As you can imagine, this keeps her busy, but she loves the work because of the healing impact it has on people in need.

Originally from former Yugoslavia, Lejla has a background in commercial real estate and sales. She might not have been the most likely person to be drawn to The Ecumenical Center, but she has always had a place for art and bringing healing to others in her heart.

“I am an artist at heart and have always used art as a coping mechanism; as a very young teenage girl in a refugee camp, I remember drawing little images and giving them to those around me and people were always so happy.”

It’s easy to understand why the project dearest to Lejla’s heart is the annual Art Heals Hearts event. She has witnessed how powerful therapeutic expression through art can be to break the stigmas of mental health.

“Having an annual art exhibition is a way to promote the power of expression through something tangible like art, music or poetry. Everyone can benefit from it, regardless of language barriers, disabilities or cultural differences.”

The projects that Lejla supports are unique and have special meaning and impact on those involved. She loves how The Center improves and grows every year as we continue to provide innovative services to those in need.

“Our Board of Directors, Foundation Board and our staff is just so amazing and involved. It makes me so proud to be part of this incredible team.”

Lejla is one of The Center’s most valuable behind-the-scenes workers, and we appreciate her hard work and dedication to our mission. In her personal life, Lejla is the proud mom of 3, a Crossfit fan, and loves to travel. Remember to thank or meet her at our next event!