Parenting With Love & Leadership

Event Dates: April 26, 2021 - April 27, 2021
Time: Monday 26 and Tuesday 27 - Each day starts at 9am to Noon
Cost: $50.00
CEU's Available: Yes total of 6 CEU credits

The Ecumenical Center is an approved provider of continuing education by the State of Texas for the following: LPC, LMFT, LSW, LCSW, LMSW, and LCDC. The Center is also an APT Approved Provider 08-217 and an approved provider of CPE by the Texas Education Agency, TEA CPE Number 902304.

This workshop is made possible through the generous support of Methodist Healthcare Ministries

PARENTING WITH LOVE AND LEADERSHIP sums it all up. A child’s two most fundamental emotional needs are unconditional love and unequivocal authority. Everything else is window dressing. The problem in contemporary parenting culture is that window dressing drives much, if not most, parenting behavior, especially that of the female, who is often (usually?) found unwittingly captive to the Good Mommy Club and its nefarious doctrine. A related problem involves the fact that post-1960s “expert” advice has over-emphasized nurturing and under-emphasized, even demonized, authority. The tragic result is a generation or more of children who lack emotional resilience as illustrated by the dramatic post-1960s upswing in child and teen mental health problems. The operative question, one that John will address, is “Have the helping professions really been that helpful?” In this seminar, John will tackle that and other thorny questions, challenging the status quo and providing a paradigm for working with parents that gets lasting positive results. Participants will learn, for example, the Seven Biggest Mistakes Parents Make and How to Help Them Stop Making Them! They will learn a tried-and-true formula for child obedience, and make no mistake, obedience and a sense of well-being go hand-in-hand! The primary goal of the seminar is to equip folks who work with parents with a skill-set that translates to becoming confident counselors who are capable of helping parents become confident in their authority. Anyone who works with parents or has an interest in working with parents is invited.

Specific Learning Objectives:

1: Examine the inadequacies and falsehoods of Postmodern Psychological Parenting.

2: Present an alternative parenting paradigm emphasizing the effective conveyance of parental authority.

3: Teach the Seven Biggest Mistakes Parents Made and How to Help Them Stop Making Them!

4: Teach the Six Steps to Child Obedience.

5: Teach How to Use Consequences Effectively.

JOHN ROSEMOND is a Family Psychologist with 15 best-selling parenting books and a 45-year syndicated column that appears in more than 250 newspapers nationwide. He is also a popular public speaker whose presentations are both eminently helpful and humorous. His approach to parenting issues runs counter to prevailing “wisdom” in the mental health professions. He maintains (and has research to support), for example, that post-1960s psychological parenting theory has been a disaster for all concerned – children, parents, schools, communities, and culture – and needs to be abandoned. His website can be accessed at either or, where one will find information on how to find him on social media, which he despises.



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