Expanding Our Healing Touch

While the Center is always looking for South Texas communities that need our help, we are well aware of the underserved needs right here in San Antonio. We are proud to announce the opening of our new office location on Main Street, where we will provide counseling five days a week.

As our 23rd remote location, the Main Street office comes at a crucial time. Even with vaccines on the way, the damage of COVID-19 on mental, emotional and spiritual health has been done. The ripple effects will reach far, which is why The Center must do the same. All our remote locations, from McAllen to Boerne, underscore our commitment to taking our healing work out to the community. We will continue to grow and find new ways to reach new communities and underserved people.

Too often, those who would benefit most from counseling aren’t close to right resources. The Center makes it as convenient as possible for people to turn to our professional counselors, but we need your help to spread word about this new location. Many still don’t know how near our counseling centers are or what diverse services we provide. Your advocacy and support are the engines of our growth and impact.

Thank you for helping make this new location possible!