Helping Little Clients Deal with Life’s Big Challenges.

We provide unique services and proudly offer some of the best children’s play therapy services in San Antonio. Our Registered Play Therapists are exceptionally experienced in helping children deal with a variety of issues including depression, anxiety, anger, addiction, family conflicts and more.

Unlike adults, children lack the ability to effectively communicate their thoughts, feelings and experiences verbally. That’s why play therapy is so important. Our Registered Play Therapists have a deep understanding of child brain development and family interaction, and are equipped to interpret the “language” of children. Because of their specialized training, they have successfully helped many of our younger clients work through social, emotional and behavioral difficulties. When children confront their problems in a safe environment like The Center, they are able to develop ways of coping with the struggles in their lives.

To learn more about play therapy or other specialized services, visit our counseling specialties page or call 210.616.0885.