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Chaplaincy / Specialty in Pastoral Counseling

The Ecumenical Center - Pastoral Counseling Graduation

Courses taken at The Ecumenical Center may fulfill the requirements for hospital, hospice, correctional, or other chaplaincies. Chaplains for many South Texas area hospitals have received training through The Center.

In addition, continuing education seminars and conferences are scheduled throughout the year to assist area religious and health care leaders in becoming more effective in their professions. Training programs are also attended by volunteers in order to enhance their ministering skills within faith communities and other agencies.

Specialty in Pastoral Counseling

The Specialty in Pastoral Counseling course is provided in English and Spanish, four-semester, a theoretical and clinical program that integrates into pastoral practice the knowledge of theology, psychology, ethics, and social sciences. This program is designed to help ministers and/or religious leaders in the process of equipping themselves to be chaplains in hospitals, hospice, and correctional institutions in God’s world.
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Laredo & Rio Grande Valley Courses

The Center offers the Specialty in Pastoral Counseling course and community-based workshops for clergy and lay leaders in the Rio Grande Valley. These programs were created especially with and for Latino and Latina pastors of South Texas.

San Antonio, TX

The Center offers the Specialty in Pastoral Counseling course in Spring and Fall.

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