The Center for Testing

Each one of us has potential, either active or latent. At The Ecumenical Center our psychological testing program can help you make the most of yours, or that of your children. We have a long history within the community as a trusted resource within South Texas for both counseling and helping people of all ages unlock their mental, academic, and social capabilities. Our testing program helps reveal if you have skills suited to a particular job or career, hidden talents that can be developed, or roadblocks that need to be dealt with in collaboration with school, medical or social agencies.

We start by asking questions

  • Is your child struggling academically or socially?
  • Is your child suited for the Gifted & Talented Program?
  • Do you sometimes wonder about your own talents and career choices?
  • Is it grief or clinical depression that makes you so sad at times, or could it be something else?
  • Do you wonder why you and your spouse no longer seem to communicate effectively and intimately with each other?
  • Are you worried that a forgetful elderly family member is actually developing Alzheimer’s?

Then we collaborate together to select the right instruments to find your answers

Your psychologist, educational diagnostician or psychometrist will choose the tests that can provide you or your child with the comprehensive assessment needed. The testing itself will take place in a safe and comfortable environment – usually at our Medical Center office – and will be administered, scored and interpreted to you by a licensed and highly trained member of our clinical team. These tests can reveal such conditions as:

After testing, we map out a way to help you move forward

Psychological assessment is done to help children, students, family members, and referring professionals, whether medical or academic, identify issues, work past challenges, and develop talent. Your testing will aid us in recommending the proper education, counseling or therapeutic path – one that can lead to a fuller life wherein you and yours can truly excel.

If you have any questions please contact Frank Emmett, Ph.D., our Clinical Director at 210.616.0885, and press “0” for the appointment desk.