The Center for Testing

The Center for Psychological Testing

The Ecumenical Center offers comprehensive psychological evaluations and assessments for both children and adults, administered by child parent relationship trainingcertified, highly-trained psychologists and counselors, who help to interpret and apply the results of the
tests. The Center provides a wide range of testing which can assess gifted and talented, learning disabilities, ADD and ADHD, depression, developmental delays, cognitive delays, career preferences, marital compatibility, clinical behaviors, substance abuse, IQ, personality traits and emotional/behavioral problems, among other things.

Psychological tests are useful for many reasons. They help psychologists and counselors collect information in a way that is streamlined and more scientifically consistent than the information from a clinical interview. They help identify issues and challenges among professionals, students, children and families. When issues are discovered and good counseling applied, it leads to a fuller life where individuals can excel socially, mentally and academically.

In addition, tests can be tailored to an individual and his or her specific needs. We can also tailor a series of tests to an individual for a full-psychological assessment. Which tests are administered is determined through an assessment with our educated, certified, and highly-trained counseling staff. Once determined, the testing is done in a safe and comfortable environment at our offices in the medical center.

Our on-staff team of counselors and psychologists will work with you to determine which test(s) are appropriate. If you have any questions, please give us a call. You can reach us at 210.616.0885 and press “0″ for the appointment desk.