The Center Becomes a Trauma-Informed Care Certifying Agency

We want to share some big news with you! The South Texas Trauma Informed Care Consortium has selected The Center as the organization to offer trauma-informed care certification in 2020. The Consortium is made up of community partners who are committed to addressing the impact of trauma and developing community training. We are honored to work with them.

A Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) model requires a shift in perception from “What is wrong with this person?” to “What has happened to this person?” It recognizes the role trauma may play in a person’s life and is careful to avoid the types of interactions that may trigger re-traumatization. TIC prioritizes creating an environment of physical and emotional safety, fostering trust and collaboration, and focusing on an individual’s strengths to promote healing.

Simple practices like giving a person a choice in their treatment or the opportunity for feedback help cultivate a TIC culture. We will be incorporating TIC principles into every aspect of The Center as part of our holistic approach to healing. We look forward to developing certification standards with the Consortium to better serve our South Texas communities.