Certification for Trauma Informed Organizations

Being a trauma informed organization means that people who have experienced trauma feel safe, confident and valued while interacting with your organization.

Become a certified trauma informed organization

  1. Submit the interest form to begin your organization’s journey. Certification guidance and trauma informed care training are available following submission of the interest form.  
  2. Complete a self-assessment, reflection, training, and any improvements or updates. 
  3. Collect documentation of each standard for desk review. Any organization that has met the standards and collected the required documentation may request certification. 
  4. Schedule a site review. 
  5. Maintain certification and trauma informed culture.


Certification for Trauma Informed Organizations is a primary goal of the South Texas Trauma Informed Care Consortium (STTIC), a multi-sector group of more than 168 organizations in Bexar County, Texas. The Consortium’s vision is a certified trauma-informed Bexar County. Consortium organizations seek to learn about trauma, make changes to mitigate the impact of trauma, and prevent re-traumatization, so that every community member has the opportunity to live the healthiest life possible. In 2019, The Ecumenical Center was selected as the certifying entity for trauma informed organizations through a competitive process. 

Following the Consortium’s strategic planning in 2018-2020, The Ecumenical Center conducted focus group sessions with all of the Consortium’s Sector Workgroups plus two multi-sector groups, administered an online feedback survey, and consulted with national experts in collaboration with the STTIC Institute at University Health System. The Ecumenical Center developed the certification domains, standards, definitions, and procedures, which were adopted by the STTIC Governance Council on July 15, 2020.

What can Trauma Informed Certification do for my organization?

If you’re reading this, then your organization already has one of the most important assets of a trauma informed organization: a desire to learn and serve.

Pursuing trauma informed certification:

  • Focuses the organization on a shared goal and the steps to get there
  • Gives clients and staff new opportunities to help improve the organization
  • Celebrates organization successes throughout the journey
  • Showcases the organization’s best work in the community
  • Helps different types of organizations work together

Other benefits your organization may experience:

  • Improved client and staff satisfaction
  • Safer and healthier behaviors by clients and staff 
  • Higher quality of services

What type of organization should get Trauma Informed Certified?

Organizations with policies, procedures, everyday practices and company culture that are consistent with the domains and standards of trauma informed organizations may apply for certification. 

The certification is designed to be achievable by any organization with a strong commitment to serve clients and staff who have experienced trauma, and also to maintain rigorous standards for even the most mature organizations.

How does Trauma Informed Certification work?

  • All organizations begin with Level 1 certification to build a strong foundation and to create shared language across community sectors. Level 1 is foundational, not beginner. 
  • The certification process is supportive, not punitive. 
  • There is no time limit for an organization pursuing certification. 
  • There are no complicated points structures. Expectations are straightforward and examples are provided. 
  • There is no charge for certification; however, it is important to consider the cost of time commitment for all staff. 
  • There is no singular model. Requirements are designed for the organization to use the trauma informed approach, or model, that works best for them.

Certification Resources

Certification as a Trauma Informed Organization represents an organization’s deep commitment to authentic improvement. Many supports are available to help you become a trauma informed organization.

Certification Assistance

The Ecumenical Center as the certifying entity for trauma informed organizations provides an orientation to trauma informed certification and refresher orientations throughout the trauma informed journey. Trauma informed certification may align with other improvement efforts in your organization, such as Senate Bill 11, Patient Centered Medical Home, Model for Improvement, Baldrige Excellence Framework, and many others. Consultation to help identify alignment points is available upon request.

Proprietary Note: Documents and information received from The Ecumenical Center for trauma-informed certification are the property of The Ecumenical Center and are not to be disclosed, reproduced in whole or in part, adapted, modified, disclosed to others, or disseminated without prior written consent of The Ecumenical Center. Use of the certification documents and the information contained in them is reserved for organizations seeking trauma informed certification by The Ecumenical Center.